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Water Codes charts the most breakthrough research and revolutionary discoveries, unlocking the world of water, consciousness, and health. The most comprehensive book on structured water to date, Water Codes reveals the most important realities of our existence, through the amazing science and spirit of water!

Discover how water works as a fractal antenna and what this really means, how water operates the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness, and how our bodies, minds, and spirits are connected through this dynamic crystalline matrix which composes over 99% of the molecules in the human body by count. With this knowledge, we also discover what the sacred texts of our ancestors were really trying to tell us about water, Life, consciousness, karma, and the fabric of our Universe - answering questions mankind has been asking for centuries, and unlocking secrets hidden deep within the Water Codes.
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The Most Epic Crystal You Will Ever Use.

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Dr. Marcel Vogel (1917-1991), of IBM computers, laid the foundation for the LCD screen and the computer hard drive, discovered many of Water's computing abilities and potentials, and created the only fundamental tool of "water resonant potential": the Vogel Crystal. Tree of Life Tech and Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein have taken this to its next level, with the ARC Vogel - the world's only truly water-resonant device.

Water Resonant potential was Marcel Vogel's most epic discovery and invention, and its meaning, once understood, far outweighs the benefits of even the computer itself. Through this power of water-resonance, we transmit the energetic patterns and codes of crystallographic information directly to the water and energy systems of the body, enhancing health, and evolving consciousness. The reality exposed to the world in the Vogel crystal, and further within the reality of the ARC Vogel Crystal, is truly epic and are rewriting the physics of health and consciousness.
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ARC Vogel Crystal

EPIC Earth Technology:
The Blueprints of True Health

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The true blueprints of health, consciousness, and life are crystallographic patterns in water. This discovery is amazing, and the research detailing it is revolutionary - found in book Water Codes. All of the crystallographic patterns found in Nature is found in water, and our bio-water - the water within our bodies - is the most highly structured liquid crystalline water on Earth.

By embedding many complex crystallographic patterns, in the form of multiple gems and minerals, into the quartz under intense compression, we activate the natural piezoelectric properties of the crystal, creating electrical energy to be more highly radiated from the quartz. This electrical energy doesn't just carry the hexagonal pattern of quartz, however - rather, the quartz takes on the complex energy patterns of the crystals and minerals inside, and radiates the combined energetic and crystallographic signatures of all the gems and minerals inside. The result is the quartz as Marcel Vogel intended - as a delivery system for information - amplifying, cohering (putting together into one harmonic energy pattern), and transmitting the complex crystallographic patterns directly to the body through the power of water-resonance and naturally driven magnetism.

These crystal patterns are the light and energy codes needed by our bodies. No other tool on the planet operates in bio-water resonance to transmit the complex crystallographic patterns - the true blueprints of health - directly to the body. Marcel Vogel charged other scientists to continue and advance his work, and the ARC Crystals and ARC Vogel Crystals® are the dedicated evolution of his incredible discoveries and the legacy he left behind.
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Water Clusters, Martin Chaplin, London South Bank Univ.
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The Difference of ARC Vogel Crystals
and ARC Crystal Technology

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Unlike traditional Vogel crystals, which are made only of quartz and are directly dependent upon the consciousness of the user to access it's potentials for effect, ARC Crystals work both with, and independent of, the user. Crystallographic patterns are continuously and perpetually being amplified and projected through it's structure in water-resonance, a constant source of the energetic information our bodies and energy require. Also unlike traditional Vogel crystals, which indiscriminately store and project information, both positive and negative - ARC Crystals use the properties of the crystals and minerals embedded inside - such as selenite, smoky quartz, and citrine - to effectively keep the crystal always clear of negative energy and information. It is for this reason that ARC Crystals do not become "dirty" or "sticky" as traditional Vogel crystals, and to continuously work for your benefit.

Activated piezo-electric properties, as well as activated properties of the gems and minerals inside - such as infrared emissions and ionic emissions - give the ARC Crystals a massive increase in energy projection compared to a traditional Vogel or quartz crystal. Naturally driven magnetism also supports this energy movement, and provides greater strength and pattern to the perpetual energetic emissions, and 24k Gold caps ensure great conduction.

Additionally, the energy being projected is already structured with the complex energy patterns the body requires for greater health and evolution - making the crystal much less user-dependent than a traditional Vogel or quartz. Marcel spent an immense amount of time trying to teach people how to focus their consciousness to interact with the full potential of the crystal, and this is by far the greatest challenge of any Vogel or crystal user, as traditional quartz is solely dependent on the mental focusing power of the individual to provide the energetic information necessary to improve one's health, energy, and consciousness, so that this information can be amplified and projected through the quartz. ARC Technologies, with their quartz base and natural water-resonance, work with the consciousness of the individual while supporting this energy with the complex patterns of the gems, minerals, nutrients, and other materials embedded inside.
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Left: ARC Vogel Crystal®
Middle: Traditional Vogel Crystal
Right: Raw Quartz

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for Energy, Health, and Consciousness

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Marcel knew that quartz has the ability to amplify energy and information, and that water has all of the crystallographic patterns found in nature. Years ahead of his time, we now realize through modern science the incredible importance of the crystallographic structure of the water in our bodies. A brilliant mind, Marcel recognized what we are only now affirming - the power of water, gems, and crystallographic patterns are epic. Their amazing science and spiritual roots are detailed in the book Water Codes, which reveals groundbreaking discoveries relating to water, health, consciousness, geometries, and spirit. In this epic science and spirit, we discovery the realities of water-resonance and the amazing ability to affect the structure of the water in our body for energy, health, and consciousness.

The term "water-resonance" has gotten thrown around in recent years, but in 2010 when we began to introduce the ARC Vogel, Tree of Life Tech was trull the first to offer the world the concept of bio-water resonance, as well as a tool and therapy based on resonance with water. Even Marcel himself, the father of structured water science, computer hard-drives, and liquid crystal displays, only called the effect of the Vogel "potentially a resonant effect", unable to state more given the limits of the science in his day. Patent pending ARC Vogel Crystals and ARC Gem Light Therapy are the completion of Marcel's work, and are the world's only true water resonance tools or therapy, giving ARC Technologies the ability to transmit these codes for enhanced health, vitality, energy, and consciousness.

Learn more about true water-resonance here.
Visit the Store to connect with your new ARC Crystal, and get the book Water Codes and discover the secrets hidden within the science and spirit of water. Or, learn more about ARC GEM Light Therapy, and how the power of ARC Crystals are used in the greatest holistic therapy system on the planet!

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