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Learn the Truth of Structured Water,
Life, Energy, and Consciousness

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Water Codes charts the most breakthrough research and revolutionary discoveries, unlocking the world of water, consciousness, and health. The most comprehensive book on structured water to date, Water Codes reveals the most important realities of our existence, through the amazing science and spirit of water!

Discover how water works as a fractal antenna and what this really means, how water operates the storehouse and mechanism of consciousness, and how our bodies, minds, and spirits are connected through this dynamic crystalline matrix which composes over 99% of the molecules in the human body by count. With this knowledge, we also discover what the sacred texts of our ancestors were really trying to tell us about water, Life, consciousness, karma, and the fabric of our Universe - answering questions mankind has been asking for centuries, and unlocking secrets hidden deep within the Water Codes.
ARC Crystal Light Bed Rack
ARC Crystal Light Bed
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Infinite Gem Light Therapy®
Crystal Light Racks with
ARC Vogel Crystal® Technology

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The Finest and Most Effective
Health and Energy Therapy on the Planet.

For Home or Practitioner Use

ARC Gem Light Racks are the most popular choice for home or practitioner Gem Light Therapy® systems. Therapeutic colors of light shine through our signature patent-pending bio-resonant gem and mineral filled ARC Vogel Crystals®, and are stimulated with naturally pulsed rare-earth magnetism in our full chakra, full body Spectro-Chrome Light Rack. Fully functional, space conservative, and designed for use with your own treatment table or bed, ARC Gem Light Racks are ready to incorporate your chosen modalities of treatment, whether chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, cranial-sacral, or others. ARC Gem Light Racks deliver the energetic signatures and vibrational patterns of gems and minerals to the chakras, glands, and water of the body in magnetism, light, and water resonance resulting in relaxation and rejuvenation at it's highest levels, expanded consciousness, and a renewed and revitalized body, mind, and spirit. With in-house financing options and custom designs available, ARC Gem Lights are the perfect way to increase your effectiveness as a practitioner, expand your practice, and provide clinical or home based therapy.

Become a GEM LIGHT THERAPY® Practitioner Today!
Invest in YOU, and your community

Beautiful, Fully Functional Design

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7 tilt-adjustable lights are suspended over your treatment table or bed, with one easy knob adjustment to accommodate all different body heights. Light Racks are height adjustable, and are set on a wheeled base for easy maneuverability. Clean, aesthetic, functional, and beautifully designed, ARC Light Racks are built to last a lifetime. Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel construction, designed specifically to house and illuminate ARC Vogel Crystals® for full bodied ARC GEM LIGHT Therapies, and are available in a variety of colors to match any room and style.

The most powerful healing tool on the market, available in one incredible, easy, space-saving, full body, most powerful light therapy system.
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ARC Light Racks utilize specific colors of light that are the most beneficial and bio-available frequencies for the body, gland centers, and chakras. High rated, long-lasting, and energy efficient full spectrum L.E.D.'s are used behind Spectro-Chrome color frequencies, and are operated by a simple, easy to use light controller with a standard outlet. With the turn of a dial, select the intensity of the session through the setting that is most comfortable for you or your client, and project and create the most incredible and bio-resonant light, magnetic, and vibrational frequencies through the most advanced bio-resonant patent pending ARC Vogel Crystals®.

Patent Pending ARC Vogel Crystals®

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Anywhere from 7 to 49 ARC Vogel Crystals® are illuminated from HAND-cut, natural Quartz crystals. Each ARC Vogel is filled with 30-50 different GEM species, minerals, precious metals, nutritive, therapeutic, and homeopathic elements that correlate with that specific area/chakra of the body, making each of the 7 color stations attuned to that specific area of the body. For example, ARC Vogels set over the forehead have different GEMS and minerals inside of them than the ARC Vogels that are over the heart. Each chakra/gland/color station contains 1 to 7 magnetically driven ARCs, each that are filled with their specific materials, which are capped into each ARC Vogel Crystal with 24k Gold.

ARC Vogel Crystals® are self-clearing, a central component of ARC Gem Light Therapy not offered by any other crystal or system. Clearing minerals such as selenite are included in every crystal, and perpetual pulsed magnetic interactions ensure that these clearing energies are constantly driven through the crystal, keeping them clean and clear of unwanted information.

Custom options let you choose how many ARC Crystals, as well as their sizes, the GEMS, minerals, and other ingredients, giving you full flexibility and control over your design and effects.
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Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Tourmalines, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Palladium, Shungite, Opal, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Calcite, Morganite, Kunzite, Topaz, Aventurine, Heliodor, Pearl, Fluorite, Amethyst, Ametrine, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Selenite, infrared ceramics, Magnesium, Calcium, Flowers, and more, combined INSIDE of Quartz in our exclusive and patent pending process, creates energy patterns in light and magnetism that have never before been realized or experienced. Infinite Gem combinations, transmitted through bio-resonant Light, for the only INFINTE GEM LIGHT experience in the world.


It is not the FREQUENCY, it is THE FIELD. Every true scientist since Albert Einstein had come to recognize this utmost fundamental fact of physics, yet all other health or enhancement therapies on Earth seem to be avoiding or ignorant of this fact.

We have all heard what therapists worldwide recognize: the fact that you cannot treat one system in the body without affecting another. Even within the body, it is not about a part, it is about the whole. Treating a system or organ in the body without consideration and treatment of the whole, is always a mistake.

ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy® works the same for everyone. We are all made of CELLS, and those cells are made of WATER. Through energizing and re-structuring the water of those cells, the body is detoxed, energized, healed, enhanced, and rejuvenated by ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy®. There is no specific or desired 'frequency' emitted from the ARC Vogel, rather, the ARC Lights emit energy that is always within a 'frequency band' known as the WATER RESONANT Bandwidth. This bandwidth allows for the the 'signatures/blueprints/codes derived from the contents within the quartz ARC VOGEL, to be transferred into the body through energetic resonance. A complex 'fractal' ENERGY FIELD of static electric, magnetic, vibrational, wave, and photon light energies, in harmony and in-tune with the body through its water, emitted from ARC Vogel GEM Lights.
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Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Pain Management, Cranio-Sacral, Homeopaths, Energy Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Theta-Healing, Hands-on Healing and Quantum Touch, Integrative Medicine, Addiction Counselors, Marriage and Relationship Counselors, Hypnotherapy, Watsu, Sensory Deprivation, Meditators, Radionics, Physical Therapists, and even Veterinarians, become a GEM LIGHT Therapist and begin to offer what may be the greatest hands-free means of healing and evolution to your clients. Sessions average 25 to 150 USD worldwide to lay for 30 minutes beneath hundreds of GEMS and the perfect light frequencies of ARC GEM LIGHT Therapy, but the feeling and effect is truly unforgettable.
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ARC Gem Light Therapy® Systems are lifetime, custom made tools, available in a variety of styles and options. We also offer in-house financing, with no credit check!

ARC Gem Lights work like nothing else on Earth. They are patent-pending and Incredible.

Visit the Store to get your ARC Gem Lights today!

Re-Structure your Water,
Enhance your Life.
ARC Gem Light Therapy®

Gem Lights

Infinite GEM Lights with ARC Vogel Crystals. The most effective and advanced
natural healing technology on the planet,

ARC Crystal Light Bed


ARC Stars are the finest in energy pendants and personal EMF protection. The world's greatest Therapeutic Jewelry.

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ARC Crystals are the revolutionary advancement of the legacy of Dr. Marcel Vogel. Perfect for Reiki, healing tools, meditation, water structuring, EMF protection, and more.

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